CAWSC is a wonderful club for all levels of skiers. Whether you are just learning to ski or you have dreams to compete at the highest level, this is a great organization to join. Everyone is very nice and supports each other in their water skiing goals. It is refreshing to be around such amazing people.

– Sheli


CAWSC is an amazing club to be a part of.  I have met so many great skiers and have formed new friendships that will last a lifetime!   Joining this club has been the highlight of moving to Austin for me!

– Toni


It’s a really fun club where you can water ski and meet new friends.  The people involved are really nice.  I love that you can apply for and try to win coaching scholarships to become a better skier.  I have learned a lot since joining the club.

– Conner (8 yrs old)






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