Mini-Course Rules

The Mini-Course event is a great way to introduce competition to young skiers who are just learning how to ski. Even the youngest skiers can take a ride down the lake and back and feel like they participated. The main goal of this event is to build the future of this sport by making competition fun for all ages!


  • Skiers can start at any even-numbered speed (10, 14, 18mph, etc).
  • Speed increases by 2 MPH for each successful pass.
  • Top speed is 26 mph. This bumps the skier out of Mini-Course and into Novice division. Then, the skier must attempt the full course at any slalom speed (15.5, 17.4, 19.3, 21.1, 23, or 24.9mph). The first attempt of the full course does not require the entrance gates. After first successful pass at full course, the skier must used the entrance gates (see Slalom Scoring section).
  • Skiers are NOT dropped after each pass. They turn around and keep going until they have skied 4 consecutive passes. Judge may make allowance for skier safety.
  • The “even” skier buoys – require the skier to round the farthest boat guide buoy (a.k.a. go around both) to score the buoy.


  • Skiers on 2 skis get 1 point for each consecutive buoy; skiers on 1 ski get 2 points for each consecutive buoy.
  • If the skier successfully runs the opening pass (all 6 buoys) at 14 mph or faster, the skier gets the points for all skipped speeds from 12 mph forward.
  • Skiers get a free fall or miss just like novice. The final score is based upon the better of the two attempts, just like novice.
  • If the skier does not complete a full pass at any speed, the skier only gets points for the buoys skied in the best attempt.

Tips for Drivers of Mini-Course Event:

  • Make each skier’s run the happiest possible.
  • Use Trick setting in speed control for even, slow speeds.
  • Tighten the rope, gently. Use reverse to slow boat so that you do not jerk the skier when the rope gets tight.
  • Watch the skier’s skis’ position for pull-up, try to time it when then look the most stable or in the best position.
  • Use a very gentle pull-up for small skiers.
  • Driving Mini-Course is very demanding due to the lack of boat path guides. Don’t assign an inexperienced driver. The driver must be able to determine the mid-point between the odd skier buoys and the farthest boat guide – this is asymmetrical path when compared to the nearest boat guide buoys.
  • Hand-throttle the speed during the turn around and watch the skier closely.
  • Make big, safe turn around paths for the skier.
  • If a skier falls, return promptly and safely. If the judge must help the skier put skis back on, turn off the engine while they are at the platform.
  • Pick-up all fallen skiers at the end of the run and bring them back to the doc.