Club FAQs

How often does your club meet?
Our club schedules meetings in full twice a year. We meet in the spring for a General Membership Meeting and at the end of the season for the Capital Area Summer Series (CASS) Awards Banquet and party. Usually, we have a social event or two during the season. Also, our club members see each other at tournaments, clinics, and other water ski related events. And, they’ve been known to occasionally gather afterwards for dinner and drinks. Our board members meet monthly. The meetings are open to the membership, but are not intended as social events. Please contact one of the board members to get specific meeting times and locations.

Does your club have it’s own lake or boat?
CAWSC does not own a lake or have club member access to the ski lakes in the Austin area. For that reason, the club also does not own a boat. Members make individual arrangements with area ski lakes for lake access. That may include purchasing a lot on the lakefront, leasing access to the lake, or paying by the set for practice on the lake. Each lake has it’s own methods of providing access. Please contact the person associated with the lake in which you are interested.

What do you get with your membership to CAWSC?
Your membership with CAWSC puts you in the company of the most dedicated water skiers in central Texas. You will be kept abreast of information about competitive and recreational water skiing in the area. CAWSC sponsors the Capital Area Summer Series (CASS) and will track your tournament scores across the whole skiing season and present you with an award if you are a top skier in your ability based division. Collegiate members ski CAWSC sponsored tournaments for half off the price. The Frame Switch Ski School offers discount rates to CAWSC members. You will be invited to members-only parties and socials. There are also “Free Ski Days” occassionally hosted by CAWSC and it’s sponsors where members can try out the latest equipment free of charge. Finally, your membership with CAWSC will help to support the continuation and growth of our fun sport in central Texas.  We are a non profit club so all membership dues go towards tournaments, events and junior development coaching scholarships.

How do I join CAWSC?
You may join CAWSC at any function (meetings or a tournament) or by mail. The application is here on this web site in several places and can be printed on your computer, completed, and then mailed into the club.  You also have the option of joining the club online and paying via paypal by visiting our “join the club” page.

Do I have to be a member to ski in the tournaments?
No, you do not have to be a member of CAWSC to ski in the tournaments. You must have an active membership with USA Water Ski (AWSA) for liability purposes. These memberships are for the calendar year. Or, a guest USA Water Ski membership may be purchased for the events of the day.

How much does it cost for the tournaments?
Tournaments typically cost between $35 – $50 for one event, one round or more. Additional events and/or rounds may be added when available for about $5. Please contact the tournament representative for specific details. Most tournaments have entry deadlines and late fees (about $10) for registration after the deadline.  Most tournaments are 3 event tournaments which include slalom, trick and jump.

Spectators are allowed and encouraged at our tournaments. There is no admission fee.

What should I bring to the tournament?
Spectators (and Skiers) should bring their own lawn chairs, food, and beverages to the tournaments. Occasionally, food will be sold at a tournament. Bring plenty of water as our Texas summers can get quite hot. If you bring a swimsuit, you may be able to wade into the lake between competing skiers to cool off. Just be careful not to make waves. There is also little shade available at the area ski lakes. Many attendees bring umbrellas or set up canopies for personal shade.

Skiers should also bring their own gear. The tournament will provide the boat, a rope and handle, and boat crew. You will be expected to provide your own gear (ski, vest, gloves, helmet (jump), etc.).

Does your club provide lessons?
Our club provides a summer practice series/ski league for members that want to transition from the world of open water skiing, to competitive skiing and those sessions do include coaching.  The Frame Switch Ski School offers lessons outside of our club and gives a  discount rate to CAWSC members.  Please see our “Learning Opportunities” page to learn more.