Who are We?

Water Ski Enthusiasts!

The Capital Area Water Ski Club (CAWSC) was established in 1988 to further develop competitive water skiing in the Austin Texas Area. We specialize in 3 event competition water sports to include slalom skiing, trick skiing and jump.

What we offer

Fun for the whole family & friendships that last a lifetime!

Our club provides you the key to a whole new life on the water that you never knew existed. We help skiers grow from beginners, to competitive champions and have fun every step of the way!

The coordination of CAWSC membership drives, tournament hostings, exhibit planning, promotional programs, media coverage, and social events all fall under the operations of CAWSC. The Capital Area Water Ski Club is also an avid supporter of Junior Development and encourages young skiers of all ages to participate in both Junior Development Clinics and Tournaments.

Our goal of bringing the Central Texas area into the limelight of National and International water skiing appears to be becoming a reality. Each year more and more CAWSC members are recognized for their priceless contributions to all areas of competitive water skiing, as well as those members who have competed at both regional and national levels. CAWSC members’ dedication to competitive skiing and its promotion has perpetuated the growth of competitive water skiing in Central Texas.

Formed in 1987 by Austin area skiers, the Capital Area Summer Series (CASS) set forth to promote competitive water skiing in a way in which novice through advanced skiers could compete successfully as they improve their skills. The series is a collection of tournaments which collect and report their scores to CAWSC for tabulation towards the end of the year awards. Beginners are encouraged to participate in clinics and novice tournaments. Skiers are registered under their ability level which ranges from beginning competitors to national competitors. Each skier’s four best tournament performances from the CASS tour are combined to determine year end standings and awards for each ability level. Skiers progress through the ability levels as their tournament performances improve.

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